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is Thursday, Nov. 13

Please keep the carousel in mind as you go online to support Minnesota non-profit organizations. We're participating for the first time. You can even give early! Learn more here.

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Thanks for a great season!
We are closed until May 1, 2015. Please join us next season. Meanwhile, see photos from our 100th birthday party! kid, mom, clown
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carousel history book* State Fair Carousel, Saving a Minnesota Treasure. Our new book about the 100-year history of Cafesjian's Carousel and the community effort that saved it from auction in 1988 and keeps it spinning.

music CD* By Special Arrangement. A new CD of 32 artfully arranged tunes played by our band organ.

Quick Facts

* Operated by volunteers
* 68 horses, 2 chariots
* Built 1914 by Philadelphia
INDToboggan Company (PTC33)
* At Minnesota State Fair 75 years
* Rescued from auction in 1988
* Named for benefactor G.L. Cafesjian

Cafesjian's Carousel from St Paul Communications Services on Vimeo.

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